Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh no I pick up Brody from school today and he says "Mom...I'm almost finished with my book I'm writing for school."  So of course I ask him what it is's the story line....

It's about a lonely Indian boy....why is he lonely?  Why?  Oh, that's because his Dad died and his Mom works all the time.  And, when the Mom is home she has a lot of work to do, so she can't play and the lonely Indian boy has to go and hunt the buffalo all by himself so they have dinner.

Really?  Ok, so of course as Mothers tend to do I immediatly start over analyzing.  I only work 6 days a month.  6.  So is this causing him some undo stress.....not to mention the Dad thing.  Dead.  Gone.  Kid has to fend for himself.  Brad laughed when I told him.  Of course he did.  He's a Dad.

On the bright side....the next time strange adults show up at my house I know it won't be the Jehovah Witnesses.....but C.P.S.!

 February has been a great month is the Kowieski household.  The men spoiled me rotten on Valentines day.  Cupcakes from Lola's in Wausau, Hank bought himself me a heart filled with Reeses peanut butter cups, or as Hankie calls them suction cups, and Brody picked out a cross necklace with a heart on it. sweet. 
 Friends don't let friends eat just one taco
Best part of February....Papa flew home for a surprise visit!!! Kids were so excited!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


 Winter is upon us, and the Northwoods has had a very warm winter thus far with little snow.  Until yesterday!  Here's the deal....if you live in a town where there is no Target, Hobby Lobby, Noodles, sushi....and it gets dark at 4:00 p.m....then you pray for snow.  Pray. For. Snow.  Why?? Because lets face it....even though it's 32* aren't going to go for a bike ride or to the park.  However, when it's 32* and snowing and looks like a snow globe outside you feel all Norman Rockwell and bundle up the kids to head outside.  My super fab husband shoveled off the ice in front of our rink for our own ice skating spot.  I asked him if he could string Christmas lights around it and play endless love on his Ipod and skate romantically with me.  I'll let you know if he does.  Fingers crossed.

The Kowboys had a ton of fun falling on their butts 823985 times skating.  Hank decided to play boot hockey.  That's where you wear boots not skates.  Smart kid.  And also....we quickly informed them this is the only kind of hockey they will be playing.
 B. Herb is such a good sport!
 He also had a swim meet today.  He was the heat winner in the 25 free and 25 backstroke.  He even did a FLIP TURN on his 50 free!!!!  It has been so fun watching him progress.  He is always willing to try new things and I have seen him grow so much in his independence this year.  I have mixed emotions about that....but try as I may they just keep growing.  Whaaaaaa

Friday, January 18, 2013


Hank/Frank.....isn't feeling so well today.  This pic is from his favorite restaurant, Culvers, gotta love some crinkle fries and custard.  He asked if he could have Culvers for dinner today and since he is about the cutest thing you every wanna see when he is sick I give him pretty much whatever he wants.  My apologies to my future daughter-in-law.  I am creating a fever monster.  

We picked up Culvers and brought it home.  He ate it like a champ.  After dinner I told the boys they needed to take their Vit. C tabs.  Let's just say Hank has a bit of a gag reflex.....

Nothing says fun like Hank putting a Vit C tab in his mouth....puking....all over the table...while Brody sings "this is serious" in his best Ming Ming Wonder Pets impression...while Brody continues to eat a butter burger because not even a pile of puke is gonna stop that kid from his human garbage disposal type appetite...while I gag and run....while Brad is on the phone with his Dad and yells "gotta go...Hank just puked all over the table".....while I throw a pile of paper towels over the puke because that's all I can do when I run back in the kitchen....oh and throw a bottle of vinegar water at Brad and say "I gotta go downstairs."

Now Hank is starving again.  And I am gonna flip off the Vit C. bottle every time I walk past it.

Monday, December 24, 2012

 This week was full of Christmas goodness.  Programs, cookies and egg nog.  See that kid singing his heart out in the green shirt and red sweater vest.  That'd be my Herb.  I cant even stand the cuteness level.
 The inn keeper and Mary. 
 Why my family is way more awesome than yours.  Matching Holiday shirts.
 Congratulating Hank on his awesome inn keeper performance.

 Nice face Brody.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

B.Herb'm a total loser and did not post about super important things this oh say...Brody starting kindergarten....loosing his first tooth....or his New Years resolution is to be better on being on the ball with my blog.  Probably same resolution as last year....but try try again.  Correct?  So, here is some parenting advice.  Listen up.  If you are planning a birthday party for your 6 year old, and you decide to invite all the kindergartners from both class rooms, and you take a crazy pill and decide to do it at the bowling alley make sure you have lots of adults.  Lots.  And maybe a pediatrician.  And dentist.  And change of clothes in case 1 pees their pants.  And maybe a lawyer in case a kid gets his arm ripped off in the ball return.  And....of course some kick ass cupcakes.
I told Brody he could have a party, but explained why I wasn't comfortable asking 25 parents (most of which have never been to our house) to get Brody a present.  So, I explained different charities and he decided on Toys for Tots.  I was so proud of him!  He had 15 toys to donate and was so proud of himself.  He has such a kind heart.  Love, love, love the Kowboys.
Nice photobomb Hank