Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh no I pick up Brody from school today and he says "Mom...I'm almost finished with my book I'm writing for school."  So of course I ask him what it is's the story line....

It's about a lonely Indian boy....why is he lonely?  Why?  Oh, that's because his Dad died and his Mom works all the time.  And, when the Mom is home she has a lot of work to do, so she can't play and the lonely Indian boy has to go and hunt the buffalo all by himself so they have dinner.

Really?  Ok, so of course as Mothers tend to do I immediatly start over analyzing.  I only work 6 days a month.  6.  So is this causing him some undo stress.....not to mention the Dad thing.  Dead.  Gone.  Kid has to fend for himself.  Brad laughed when I told him.  Of course he did.  He's a Dad.

On the bright side....the next time strange adults show up at my house I know it won't be the Jehovah Witnesses.....but C.P.S.

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